As nic advice, i prefer to make gpt program into one thread topic. Actually i can make several thread about GPT method such PTR PTS PTC etc....

Ok, what is GPT program? It's Get Paid To program
From it name, we already know, we will get paid for doing something. GPT program is the most easy way to earn but in other side, it's mostly scam .

There is some GPT program i know :

1. PTC
Paid to click. You're paid for every click you made to the ads provided. Commonly, the commision is $0.01/click, and you receive 10 ads per day.

2. PTR
Paid to review. You're paid for reviewing site/product in your blog. This more prospectfull and better than PTC since we get $3-$5 (for amateur reviewer) per review. Some PTR company example is sponsoredreview and blogvertise

3. PPI
Pay per install. You distribute program, which already combined with adware. And when people install it, you get paid. It's sound interesting, but i wonder why this program is not too popular.

4. PTS
Paid to survey. Survey some site and make simple review about it, then you'll get paid. But mostly of this program is only available for US resident

5. PTRead
Paid to read. You registered to PTRead company, and then you'll get email. If you read that email, you get paid. The weakness of this program is, low rate of payment and you never know when email will come to your inbox.

I'm sure there is many GPT not listed here yet, but i don't know it. All written here is what i know about GPT. If you would like, you can add more GPT method.