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Thread: Great presenation from John Chow

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    Great presenation from John Chow

    Here is cool presentation by John Chow if you haven't seen it yet. He claims in the video his blog made $500,000/year by 2009.

    How I Make 40,000 a Month From a Blog | John Chow dot Com

    He says later in the video that most his money is not made by Advertisements. But selling products directly to his visitors from emails. I guess that explains the big email box overlay on his site.


    By the way. Anyone find his site over kill on the ads? I have a Quad Core Phenom with 4GB ram. His site is just killing my browser!
    I have to disable javascript to view his site.
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    Can't he create different pages for comments? It's like a never-ending page now

    Well it's amazing that his site earns that amount of money, and I would believe it if he said it's from the ads, because his blog is full of it Too bad that it's from emails -- but I'm sure the ads are giving him a lot of money too (at least it should.. but in life it's not always like that )
    |Nico Lawsons

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    jeeeez! that is a lotta ads, never used to be like that lol...must be rakin it in

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