Hey everyone,

There are tutorials and blog posts everywhere that deal with setting up a site etc. etc. But recently I was asked how I sold my websites. I decided to make a guide that covered as much possible on selling websites.

Listing a website for sale is an easy process but the main part is your auction copy.

You can list your website on any marketplace, the big ones are Sitepoint (now Flippa) and Digitalpoint. I highly recommend SitePoint if you are selling a website which goes above mid $xxx. Sitepoint has buyers lurking around at all times.

Also, remember to cover smaller forums (like WMP ) as you never know, you may find a buyer there too.

State all the facts about your site in the listing.
It is always best that you provide as much information as you can in your listing.

Buyers are always interested in these details:

  • Google Page Rank.
  • Traffic stats (Unique Views/ Page views). Also mention the Alexa rank.
  • In coming back links
  • Monthly Revenue- State the figures and sources

It also helps if you state:
  • The reason you are selling the website.
  • The opportunities ahead for the buyer

Going through the transaction:

I think this is the most important part. There are always chances that the buyer or seller can be scammed. Here are a few things you should take care of before proceeding:

  • Always make sure you get the full payment before transferring the website.
  • Get the contact details of the buyer like the Instant Messaging address so you can solve problems and communicate faster.
  • Have a look at the buyer’s history. If there are negative feedbacks, avoid accepting the bid
  • I recommend Escrow as the payment processor as it is the safest. (Remember via PayPal buyers can reverse the payment)

Transferring the website:

Start by taking a backup of your site and store it on your computer. After you receive your payment transfer the website to your buyer’s host (unless he wants to transfer it).

After-sales support:

I highly recommend that you provide after sales support to your buyer (also mention it in your listing). It comforts the buyer a bit or may not do anything at all however it definitely improves your reputation.

A small note: Never fake stats as there are people who can make out from a mile. Always provide screenshots to back your stats up.

I think I have included all the points. If you have any questions or want to add something, please feel free to post below.