I am just done with the order form of my business. But before I go for publishing, I want you guys to help me with the English

Here are these:

Terms &Conditions

This agreement is between the Customer and Amiver Technologies, and no one else.

  • Customer (s) is responsible of paying at least 50% advance payment.
  • Customer (s) will be provided with a maximum of 30 days free upgradation according to the package (s). Upgradation does not include the whole redesign or work from the scratch (only minor changes will be handled free of cost). Major changes like redesign will be charged separately.
  • Completion period is 7-10 days, after that customer (s) may claim for a refund.

Signature below confirms that I, __________________________ clearly understand and accept the Terms & Conditions of Amiver Technologies and will abide by them and that the information provided above is, to the best of my knowledge is correct and in case of breach of any Term or providing false information, Amiver Technology reserves the right to terminate the agreement between us.

  • I agree that, I will pay the remaining amount after the completion of the work.
  • I will not ask for a refund once I approve the first draft presented by Amiver Technologies.

and this sentence:

Please use a separate sheet for additional information (if any) and get it signed by the customer.(it sounds unprofessional :s any alternatives for this sentence?

Thank you in advance.