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Thread: Hi Everyone feedback

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    Hi Everyone feedback

    Hi Everyone
    Just writing to ask you all is building a recipes site a waste of time .Reason being the niche is way too large and the idea of make any sort of income off it is very low .People around me are saying that the niche is no good .The people who go to recipes site only want free stuff etc. They say I need a hook or something like that to draw people to my site. The true is that II would like to make some cash off the site but if it is not a good idea to continue maybe i should look at something else.
    I am very new to all this, I would like to know what the net builder gang thinks.
    I am a little lost on when to go here.
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  2. Most recipe sites suffer from enormous duplicate content issues and poorly SEO'd content management systems.

    There is a lot of competition in this niche. I bought quite a few sites in this niche and later dumped them for almost nothing.

    But I am also creating a new site in this niche, because I think there's a lot of room for someone to do better.

    Here's the question: How will your site be better than your competitors?
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    You can earn from Adsense ads on the recipe site, or share your family recipes with others, best is you are interested in cooking too, if you have that passion, building such a site will be more enjoyable than worrying about earning money from it.

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    I think recipes sites are really waste of time as most people subscribe to weekly magazines.. There are nothing as such money you can make from this website other than adsense or small budget advertisements. As you are targeting small niche so you might get less or no traffic.

    So it would be better to consider your concept of making a website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by extreme-seo View Post
    As you are targeting small niche so you might get less or no traffic.
    Cooking is one of the largest niches on Earth! Who doesn't eat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa View Post
    Cooking is one of the largest niches on Earth! Who doesn't eat?
    Totally agreed with that

  7. Quote Originally Posted by DotComBum View Post
    Totally agreed with that
    With that said, it's time to go back to the drawing board and consider all options on how to deliver and make your website better than the rest.

    Maybe a premium account for premium recipes? *shrug*

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    It all depends on your passion. If you truly love experimenting and sharing new recipes, I am sure you would find your own way to monetize the effort as well.

    It is always good to follow your heart as it would always lead you to achieving your goal, one way or the other!



  9. the domain screams out to be a cooking question site like yahoo answers but concentrated to the cooking niche.

    coud be an idea

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