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Thread: How to change a business account to personal in Paypal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zash View Post
    I just downgraded my account last week. The only thing to remember is that they only offer 1 downgrade per account, so you can't downgrade it again if you choose to upgrade it.
    Yeah, exactly.

    as per the mail paypal has sent to me after changing my premier account to personal, its clear that changing of the account type is possible (Downgrading) only once.

    But if you are having upgrading issues, no problem- you can do it any time.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by hendricius View Post
    Thanks a lot paypal..

    After a long time and series of emails they have changed one of my business account to a personal one..

    With a warning that if am upgrading again it is not possible to make personal..
    I told you that it will take little time but they will reply you fir sure . They mean real business dude

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