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Thread: How did you earn your first dollar online?

  1. I really do not remember. My best guess it was selling signature links on Digital Point.

    I had started with no money online, it was a real struggle then :P
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  2. I started doing graphic pics and simple myspace layouts....haha fun days
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    Google Adsense. I didn't actually focus on it so I made that first dollar slowly :P .
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    For me it was doing a really pathetic logo for which I got paid $3 :P

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    My first ever job was writing a sales page, which, even if I do say so myself, I thought I did an excellent job considering it was my first ever piece. I got paid just $10 for it, but I was so happy at the time :P

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    I earned it through AdSense.

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    I believe mine was also from AdSense, when I was a gamer, I setup a website for my clan and got my friends to click the ads lol.

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    I am surprised no one said forum posting :P

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    Selling forum signatures on Digital Point

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