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Thread: How do you keep yourself motivated?

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    Even critique can make you motivated, gaya? Great if yes. It's because common people will feel down and give up when their receive a critique. Keep it like that. That's mean you always receive critique in way to motivated you become more better, that's what you mean, right?
    okay, I didn't really understand what you meant but I guess the bottom line of your question was if I can get motivated by critique? Depends... if the critique is good and something I can do with, then it's good critique! You don't always have to agree but if people really thought about it, I accept it. It even gives me a smile to think that people are checking out my stuff and give their thoughts about it.
    If the critique is useless and I can't really do anything about it or the person is just acting stupid, I ignore it.

    So yeah, it keeps me motivated

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    I agree with Gaya. Criticism it what makes the world go round as, without it, we won't improve. If someone just comes to your blog and tells you how s%&t you are, that's not criticism, that's insults. However, if someone says 'this is the problem, and this is how I think you should improve it', then not only is it helpful, but, as Gaya said, it lets you know people are actually recognising what you're doing.

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    That's why i said that gaya is great. Not all people can take critique as suggestion for them to be better and improve their performance. There is a people take critique (really critique) as an insult and make the motivation of them is lose. I'm embarrased to said but until now, i'm feel some critique as critical hit. For example is when i get some advice from some member here, it's hurt me, but when i thinking it for my best then i start to understand, but still...need a time to understand it.

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    It's the way people say it to you. It can be so direct, but you'd have to wonder: "Is there any better way to tell this?" Maybe not, but you might get kicked down for some shitty reason and feel bad about it. My advise: Internet people are just 10100010101001001, IRL people are not. I can be whoever I want on the Internet and bitch about almost everything. Think about that next time you get critique

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    Sorry, i can't understand 100010...and IRL. What do you mean? Yeah, i need to learn how to receive critique from now, but i'm also wanna people now the proper way to say a critique to me. Maybe with this method, i will not get hurt :

    If people wanna critique me about my english. (just for example). It will be good if their said like this : "Your english is not too bad, but it's will be better if....."

    Anyway i'm being motivated also if i get a result. It's not should a big result. For example, if i do new business/project, if it's earn me a small result then i will get motivated. It's because my business have a proggres, and it's better than earn 0.

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