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Thread: How to learn writing Articles?

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    Some people make money by registering names like [cityname] and rank their site to the first page of google. Then, there's a phone number or a contact form that users can fill out. The leads are collected and forwarded to a local plumber the webmaster is doing business with in exchange for a commision.
    This is exactly what I have planned for some new websites (when I get the time). But to deal with small business people providing them web-based services, I think that you need to speak their language i.e. have experience of actually dealing with plumbers and electricians in your target locality.

    For somebody based in India, I think that providing web content to lazy internet marketers that would rather pay to outsource work is a great idea. I wouldn't build a site to market this service, but rather go direct to the customers on forum market places, or odesk etc.

    For many people like me, writing an article is like writing an essay or doing homework - so we hate doing it unless the topic is one of our passions. So there is definately a market for article writing services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denialericson View Post
    Once you ideal your document ability as a copywriter is time to develop your own internet sites. A web page about water system could be just as excellent as a web page about vehicle maintenance. From there it's just a issue of SEO and how to profit.

    Sounds like robotic text. lol
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    If you are trying to promote your website or product through article marketing then you really need to produce lots of articles everyday. It may be difficult and not one of the funnest things to do, but once you get past the learning curve.

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    Its your intellect and God gifted ability.You can only get idea from any topic or can get material otherwise its all your own intellect.

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    Either they no longer teach this in schools (USA) or people have forgot.

    But when I went to school, one learned how to write, spell, grammar, the whole ball of wax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    Either they no longer teach this in schools (USA) or people have forgot.

    But when I went to school, one learned how to write, spell, grammar, the whole ball of wax.
    The US spends the most money on education and has very poor results. Some States like NJ spend approx $11,000 a year and up to $30,000 a year and have some of the worst results.

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    Why don't you join some freelance network to get some work. Indeed, you written English is pretty good but you need to polish your knowledge on a particular topic. Also you should aware of keywords, keywords frequency, keywords density, keywords funnel, keywords research and keyword stuffing. This knowledge base will help you to write effective and attractive article.

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    Actually only with this sort writing it is hard to comment on your quality. One thing, however, I must say you to be a good writer you need to be more well organized and instead of using too many simple sentence give ur concern on making abit bigger and complex sentences and making variations of words (besides using same word try to use synonyms) is very important as well.

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    Am thinking that at some point, not too far in the future, articles will be gone!
    Think about this....
    Only so many ways one can write articles about gardening without being repititous.
    Or any other subject!
    I see on forums articles for sale that are really the same as articles written 3 or 4 years ago.

    Only way I see in the future?
    You write your own content period.

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