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Thread: How long?

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    Don't put all your egg is one basket is contradictive with an opinion which said that i should take my concentrate on a business, so i will get my business go well.
    I think the most fit opinion is : don't put all your egg in one basket but also don't take too many business

    And just like i siad, i do freelancing and selling product, so that's mean i'm not take my egg in one basket

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    Good point, but the point I was making was to experiment a little and see what works best for you.

    I'm not trying to put you down or anything, but to be spending 4-5 hours per day on a computer and not making much money is quite frankly a big waste of time. If you try some different sources of income, then you can see which one makes you money the best, and hopefully you can start getting some real money for your efforts.

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    Yeah, after i thinking about it, i'm also confused when i'm not get earn well, even with 4-5 hour spended. I think business which make that 4-5 hours wasted is freelancer. I do freelancer such forum posting, actually i do 100 post for $10 (1 post = $0.01), and to make 100 post, need about 2 days.

    Actually i'm already have a big project such invest on clickbank and make my own product. I will do it on 3 month holiday (juni-august).

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    Awesome, keep us tuned on the clickback product, would love to hear how it goes!

    And, regarding the forum posting, I think it's a great way of making a bit of money if you have time, but would never advise it as a main project as the return is so low. Like you say, at $0.10 per post, lets say it takes 2 minutes per post, thats 30 posts per hour which would be just $3/hour! You can get more than that by working in McDonalds! lol

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    Hehe, maybe your country mcdonald, my local mcdonal pay more cheap than $3/hour :P. And also, i'm quite boring with forum post job. That right i can get friend, knowledge, and money in doing forum posting but sometime i getting stuck with the discussion and ended up with post padding :P (include in this forum, but i'm already become better, right? thanks :P)

    As a proof that i will take clickbank business seriously, i'm already buy clickbank street smart video tips from . And for newbie, how much investment i need for the start in clickbank? Need your advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    I like your last point, but I do think it's really important to get your priorities right (I'm not saying you don't, I just mean in general). I mean, I'll drop my MMO activities to go out with friends anyday, and I think it's important to still get out and not just spend all your time at your computer.
    I go out with friends regularly. :P But during the week I have a lot of free time and most of my friends have set jobs. I usually go to movies and/or shopping on the weekends.

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    No addiction to MMO at all.

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    As for me, I spend about 5-6 hours in front of my computer a day. I think that it is enough to make everything which you plan to do online.

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    Actually i have plan it, hendrix. But i feel 5-6 hour is not too enough :P. I'm always do same with you, my method is by writing my plan when i'm online in a notepad and then checklist it when the job is done.

    But when i do online, facebook or youtube is always face me :P. And then, my time is wasted. I think my problem is not about how i make money, my method, etc but my commitment. Really, this is serious, i wanna change my self, it's critical problem if i take internet business as main job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    Really, this is serious, i wanna change my self, it's critical problem if i take internet business as main job.
    There's only one thing that you can do about that: change.

    No one else can really force you to change the way you are... if you aren't committed enough to actually knuckle down and be able to put everything aside to do a job, then you'll never succeed at being self employed.

    Check out Keith's articles.. I think they will help:

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