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Thread: How long?

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    Thanks for the article, i will print it and put it on my door room. But i know change is not instant thing, need some strong reason to change and sometime motivation. So your support is always needed. Not just 1x but 2x or even 100x.

    Anyway, since i have 5 hour per day to MMO, should i divide it into 5 part and make a schedule just like this :
    Hour 1 - SEO-ing
    Hour 2 - blog walking
    Hour 3 - Write a content
    Hour 4 - Manage business no.1
    Hour 5 - Manage business no.2

    Or scheduled is not good? Because some of my friend tell me to do it relax, no need to schedule because will make me stress

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    Personally, I don't have a schedule, nor do I have a to-do list, but then I'm doing this as a hobby and therefore it doesn't have a massive effect on me if I take a day or two off.

    If you're planning to MMO as your main job, you will probably need a bit more structure to your day. Personally I'm not too keen on schedules: I'll do something until the job is done. Therefore a to-do list would be better for me, but it's personal opinion and what works best for you!

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