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Thread: How much ?

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    How much ?

    I have a question, how much a website making 5 $ / month can cost ? low number of visitors obviously.

  2. The valuation will depend upon what it requires to make that $5. This might be time, CPU cycles, RAM, bandwidth, or any other requirement.

    The valuation also depends upon how stable the revenue is. Proxies, for example, tend to have low valuations, because their revenue is often short-term.

    Valuations can range from as low as three months revenue to well over sixty months revenue.

    Smaller sites tend to get lower multiplier. At $5/mo, the site is probably worth around $40.
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    Is not a proxy, is related to proxies , Thanks, I don't sell websites as long as they make a small profit, i never sold or bought a website but is good to know, i can say i'm not a good business man, had with PR3 and canceled the domain because i wasn't satisfied with the results. Don't know why i didn't sold it for few dollars. I will buy another ccTLD with the keyword proxies soon...

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    Well maximum it can be like 100$


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