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Thread: How Much Money Do You Make From Your Site?

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    So, how much money do you make from your forum/blog/website? I don't make anything yet and don't plan too either.

    It wouldn't be bad to earn a few bucks and save up for competitions and much more.

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    So far I've made over £20,000 from Adsense, but it's taken a while and earnings have dropped recently.

    Now I mainly focus on product creation, some days a product will pull in over £3,000 - and some days they make nothing. Thankfully the days that a product doesn't sell are far and few between. The most I've made in a single day is over £4,000 - but that's only happened one time so far.

    I also do web design, development and SEO, the most expensive project I've worked on was worth £64,000 and the least expensive was £250 (way, way back).

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    Quote Originally Posted by xuanxanh99 View Post
    Making money online has attract many peoples to the internet. Many facilities are available for the online earning like Blogging, Affiliate marketing, online stores and online surveys.
    many people like you fail at marketing. (am just sayin')

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    Some of these posts look like robotic spam to me.
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  6. No, a lot. Only I have a personal blog and has no advertising, no money. But it keeps me connected with people, generate traffic to my products and services, and reassure potential customers that there is a person who lives behind the products that support them. It also provides regular jobs. All this leads to a lot of real money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerdiger View Post
    One of the most effective, easiest and lucrative ways to earn loads of money online is provided by Google's AdSense program. The earnings potential is probably the most popular question asked by new members of the affiliate community online.
    Adsense generally pays well. Even though, they may be more money making opportunities in affiliate marketing or lead generation. For instance, a $1 click could result in the sale of $20,000 software package. You would be better off capturing the lead or earning on the affiliate sale.

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