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Thread: How much is your site earning?

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    Nothing right now, hopefully soon we'll begin with some type of profit.

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    Lots and Lots of greenbacks and then some lettuce as well.

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    Just opened... I will have to get back to you... but from reading these posts... doesn't sound like it will be easy to make any money.

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    Like $2 and a bit more with Google Adsense.

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    currently nothing but hopefully we will get some soon

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    I ean a steady income from my PSD sets which I sell via my site

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    Not much, I prefer not to monetise at the start and wait much later on until I start adding adverts.

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    Nothing worth mentioning. I'm more concentrated on building a community first.

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    Not much as I don't have much ads on the forum nor do I use Adsense or Adbrite on the forum.

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    I use adsense on my forum, And earn around £10 per month, although it does vary.

    Members of my forum don't mind having ads as they know it's a free forum, we don't charge users to use it and I have to pay for it out of my own pocket, So they just ignore them and know that they go to a good cause.

    Plus anyhow my ads are almost hidden, I have one on my splash page, One on the footer of every page and one after the 1st post of a thread. I've made it so the colours blend in with the website so it doesn't look too distracting.

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