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Thread: How much is your site earning?

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    How much is your site earning?

    As the title suggests, how much is your site currently earning?

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    Re: How much is your site earning?

    Nothing we are a non profit run board paid by the boss for the fans

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    Well we're currently only making through ads, but as of now, we're making nothing yet probably in the future.

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    Currently since my blog is new nothing. And it wont be for a while because it will have to grow and such. So right now for a while it'll stay the same probably. I intend to make money with ads eventually.

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    We only earn through ads/donating. I'll need to try to find another way.

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    Nothing at the moment, unfortunately.

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    Nothing, I actually loose money with forums with paying the domain etc. But I don't intend ever in making money with forums, as its a hobby.

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    My site money are successful contracts with partner.And now I still work for that

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    Right now nothing , but I plan to ad ads later on .

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    Pretty good amount of money for just one ad.

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