Hi Everyone,
As the title suggest, I would like to hear from the experts out here how to scale up a blog, site, directory, online service.

Till the time I am doing things on my own they run quite smooth, time comes when I want to scale up...this is where I tend to falter. For instance, One of my blogs related to software niche(very narrow) is running quite well, I thought to rope in content writers to help me so that I can concentrate on other aspects...I hired one, he wrote quality articles, learned some finer aspects (of my niche) from me and then after a couple of months he ran away only to open a new blog and become my competitor!

This was just one example, things like these occur everytime I want to broaden up horizons. I'm sure most experts (if not all) must have been in similar kind of situation at some point of time. Would like to ask, how did you people manage to take that plunge? What did you do to move from one-man-army to that "big-thing" ?

Any opinions, suggestions are welcome.