Great thread everybody, thanks for the useful sharing.
I would like to add some thoughts about quality control.

The Complete History Of The Internet In Just One Paragraph:
By Good Karma

In a mad dash to make money, companies built the Internet on top of insecure technology originally designed for college professors and the military to share non-sensitive documents and research. Email was created, and Spammers eventually started to cause annoying problems. Search engines were created and spammers soon took over; A better search engine took over, and spammers also moved in there. Social Networks became the next big thing, and now spammers have a field day promoting their worthless garbage.

  • Does anyone see the pattern repeating here?
  • The future is very bright for the people who finally develop something useful which is not easily messed-up by spammers.

Someone needs to, please, take the time to "do things right", instead of the same old mad dash for quick cash.