I've been working for this one client exclusively for quite some time. I get huge amounts of articles from him, but the pay is low. I perform exceptionally well. I get projects done very quickly, I update him constantly on my progress, and I take on new things that he may need.

When we first started he said "Let's start at 1 cent per word. After awhile you can earn more per word." I was desperate, so I took that opportunity. My usual rate is 1.3-2 cents per word. The articles I write for him are VERY unique, and written with perfect grammar and spelling.

It's been months, and there hasn't been a raise. I realize that he is giving me a large volume of work, but I can't help but feel like my work is worth more.

How should I go about asking him for a slight raise (from 1 cent to 1.2 cents, or even 1.1 cents), without seeming pushy or ungrateful?