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Thread: How to Work 13 Months a Year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrapak View Post
    Honestly, these sleep cuts are not funny et all. Have a nice sleep, live for today, as you never know what can happen tomorrow. It's more philosophical, but I don't like seeing people as workmachines wasting their lives...
    Well said. I think rome9t9's tips may work on the short term.

    By maintaining sufficient sleep and a good health, you are also investing in your business.

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    Andy101, the guy is not dishonest, he describes a way to cut down work to minimal, and enjoy life at the maximum potential. He for sure works much more than 4 hours, just check his two sites (now he is into bodybuilding - sort of), plus the time to write those books, all the experiments he does. For sure it's much-much more than 4 hours a week. He in his book is just making suggestions which you can follow. The dehydration trick was a loophole he used in the rules, technically it's not cheating, but it's not ethical. Although it's widely used in many sports... The reason why he pointed this out was very on-topic, he showed that there are shortcuts for winnings. You don't always need to go the same path as others.

    rome9t9, I'm not sure how many people here would wanted to be Bill Gates or Mark Zukerberg, but I for sure would not wanted to be. Not being able to go unnoticed and enjoy freely whatever I like, whenever I like is losing my freedom. There is no money on earth that can pay that. There are people who are satisfied by the number of digits in their bank accounts, but it comes with a huge price, which in my opinion is far worse than having few digits less.

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