Yes, I said it right. 13 months in a year.

You can even work 14 months in a year.

As webworkers/entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs/webmaters, time is the best thing we can invest in our business. It is something that is more valuable than the money you invest in your sites.

You want to devote more time to your business, but you can't find how to do that. The reason: you already have a full time job, you are a single father/mother, college studies etc etc.

So how can you get yourself an extra month every year to work on your business??

Wake up 30 minutes early.

Yes, as simple as that. Wake up 30 minutes early every day, every week.

I am strong believer of 40hr work week. Its the minimum one should spend on his business. So when you get up 30 minutes early every day you get:

0.5hr x 365 days=182 hrs.

182 hrs/40 hrs = 4.55 weeks

Thats more than a 'work month'

So, you get an extra 182 hours of work, an extra month altogether, every year just by waking up 30mins early..

That means more time to invest, more profits and more money.

Now, if you can afford to wake up 60 minutes early then you will get a '14 month year'.

This post of mine would be useless if I didnt tell you how to get up 30 minutes early. So here's the blogpost which is also the source of this thread of mine: How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off

I have been reading his blog since last few days and its really good. He has written some really great posts on his blog.