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Thread: How is your website doing?

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    How is your website doing?

    I am interested in hearing from some of you how your Internet business is going. What is going well, where are you lacking? What have you learned and what would you like to learn. Here at Net Builders, we want to make sure that every question possible gets asked so every newcomer can go through the threads and find some information he needs, whether it's something for advanced members or for total newbies.

    Thanks in advance for sharing!
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Well I'm no expert, I thought I was doing OK with $2.5k per month, but 99% of that comes from writing, and when I look around me and see other people making money from ads or affiliate programs, income that lets them take a break now and again, I get real jealous.

    By joining NB I've learned some solid lessons about keyword research that I'm testing on two sites, both of which are really benefiting, next I need to roll that out to my other sites.

    The big challenge for me is getting backlinks and traffic. I seem to do OK with the SERPs and I think I could do a lot better if I had a better handle on traffic.

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    I'm in the same boat as elbandelero. I'm lacking experience in webmaster subjects but thats something i'm working on to improve right now.
    Here on NB i've learned so far: to do better keyword research, how to use adsense and a couple of other things. Also learned about things i never heard of before.
    So far i'm very happy the way NB is going and i'm looking forward to make some contributions myself.

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    I think as you recall from wayback Mike , we want to learn new and old methods, in fact we want to learn something new as often as possible

    I am new in here, but this looks like a hot place to learn a lot often

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    I sold all my old projects. I just have a PR2 directory on hand, which I plan on developing even further, and maybe sell it once I get enough out of it.

    I am currently working on a new project, it on health. I will be writing unique articles and building quality links, which will hopefully bring traffic and quality to the site. I will also be trying out article submissions, because people have told me it has worked!

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    I dont earn much money directly from net. Maybe few bucks over 100 USD at month from adsense and half from that from selling blogpost or link when I need money for domains or hosting... I usualy build web pages for local people in my town but job...

    For 100 USD monthly from adsense I lost one year. I am planning to earn x4 x5 times more in next time this year. I dont spend much time on my sites. I work half an hour on day. Must stop spending my time on forums .

    However there are many more things to learn and also I need to stop be lazy >D

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    I make a living from internet business (although I have an offline business as well, that takes little time) - but make much less than some of the big earners here.

    I've learnt that having one or two authority sites and adding new content to them brings quicker results than starting new sites; that it is very possible to create a good and interesting site that has no visitors and makes no money; that rating high in the SERPS is much more dependent on quality and relevance of links rather than PR or number of links.

    I've also learned that one page that rates highly and has a great affliate product can make more than 100 typical adsense-content pages - so I'm always trying to direct traffic to those pages.

    I want to learn how to improve conversion rate on affiliate sales - there are several key travel phrases I rate highly for that get lots of visitors but only have a less than 1% conversion rate - each of them phrases that I thought would make me a great deal of money - but don't!

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    My Affiliate Manager blog is going to hit about 2,000 uniques and 40,000 pageviews for it's first month in operation. I don't consider that to be that bad at all. Sure, I've done a little promotion here and there, but for the most part the traffic is coming from my affiliates (of which about 40 have subscribed to my RSS feed).

    What do I plan to do better next month? Well, I am going to push more of my affiliates to subscribe to my RSS feed. I am also going to write at least one post EVERY DAY of the month. Does that mean I'll be making more and more threads here on NetBuilders to promote it? Maybe

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    My website ProxLists.Com - Working Proxies - Unblocked Proxies - Unblock Myspace is doing pretty good too in fact
    These are the traffic stats so far:

    But it's getting better and better as you see, and starting on Monday, I'll try to get average of 1000 uniques per day...
    This will hopefully get me a few advertisers

    What to do better this month? (February)
    1) More promotion, I need 1000 uniques per day, only than I will be happy
    2) Trying to learn more from SEO to get better SERP for ProxLists
    3) Trying to sell advertisement space on ProxLists
    4) Adding the complete new feature in ProxLists
    5) Adding new things in the menu

    That's it I think
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I Knew It! has had a fairly rapid growth (for no apparent reason) over the past week or two. I've been seeing about $1.50/day for the past week and yesterday... I hit the jackpot, with $4.04!

    Edit: After a quick look in Analytics... It wasn't for no apparent reason, it was for some link building that I did at Will's site - Will, I'll be heading back for some more tonight!

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