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Thread: I did not know this about paypal

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    I did not know this about paypal

    Few minutes back, I was doing phrase searches to see where one of my blogs rank for those phrases.
    And found one that I just had to click to find out.
    All google showed for this was paypal developer site.
    Hey, it was X.COM!!!
    and it is paypal's developer site.

    Learn something new every day....

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    I was as surprised as you are when I found that is a paypal's developer website. thought that was quite a while ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by damonjim View Post
    it is not happen normally i dont know why it is happen

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    I knew about the site, as a client it's nothing special though IMO.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    What was interesting, and I am seeing this more and more on google searches, is that google just showed the title and no url.

    The title was a live link, but hovering over it did not show the url!
    So one has to do what I did, click on the title and go to the site to find the url.

    Is this going to be a new thing with google?
    Hiding the url in such a manner?

    Anyone else notice this while searching?

  5. and you can still loggin to anyone have tried loggin in?

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    I guess this is a shortcut that G set up? The login took me to the PayPal domain.

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