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Thread: i have a plan - any idea?

  1. Talking i have a plan - any idea?

    Our Cebu Computer Technicians Forum hasn't received great traffic and we are now somehow providing services to locals. but we also want to monetize our board so i'm thinking - i'd like people to get into and register in our forum and tell them that we're giving away .info domains after about 50post

    but then these people might also want hosting for their domain of course. I'm thinking if there is a reseller that i can recommend to them which is reliable and at the same time making it free for them with 1gb per domain for about 3 months or something.. then maybe we can let them pay for their hosting after three months.

    is this gonna be a good idea? and will this work?

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    It's an interesting business idea, but how is the domain name decided?

    How does it work for the domain registration?

    And how much should the plan cost after 3 months?

    And when the domain is up for renewal, who is responsible to renew the domain?

    So I suspect that you may not have thought this through since you should provide the hosting so as to have full control over it IMO.

  3. not sure but probably i can push the domain to thier account so they should have godaddy account for it. so the renewal is their responsibility. .info is cheaper after all.

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    Hosting is getting really competitive. I found a company offering "$5 Dollar Hosting for a year with 25 MB webspace with 500 MB bandwidth"

    I'd suggest selling banner ads and increase the rate as the forum grows.

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    It can get quite expensive to give away domain for 50 posts and it is even more tricky with hosting -> you have to offer support and everything.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by hendricius View Post
    It can get quite expensive to give away domain for 50 posts and it is even more tricky with hosting -> you have to offer support and everything.
    its just .info.

    but probably support is gonna be difficult.
    at first i was thinking the idea might really work. now i'm doubting

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    Still, I also agree that giving away domains is good yet expensive idea. And technical support will be more of a hassle. Are you sure you want to continue this?

    I'd recommend you change your offer and lower it down to whatever you can get your hands on without any hardships.


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