I want to set up a limited liability company that I base in my home country (UK), yet I am not there very often, and I think I can do it all online. However, it would be better to have a physical office rather than a virtual one. So that people or myself can occasionally work there, sift through the pile of mail, display the business name on a wall (with legal documents etc.), and interview somebody etc.

One idea would be to rent a small office during summer and employ a work experience person such as an undergraduate or retired professional, with the idea of teaching them the aspects of the business so they could later work on their own, part time, where we communicate via the web.

And if they were an exceptional person, maybe they could become a business partner?

The start-up could be for say a couple of months in the rented office space, and then we would leave the office once the training period and bonding was over, and maybe use a business services provider for the business address, telephone answering etc.

After this, I could leave the country and have a contractor/partner who understands my business and a credible physical place where my business is based.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this, especially if you have started a business in a similar fashion. The business itself will be mostly web based such as online marketing and web development. Also I feel a strong desire to limit myself from personal liability given the growth of lawyers looking to help people sue businesses for profit.