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Thread: If you have 500$ to invest?

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    According to me only 500$ can't do anything. You need to pay this much to your website designer and what about the money for optimization? about marketing? about resources, if you are selling, that you need to accumulate if someone ask for big order?

    You need to have something more
    I started off refusing to spend money for anything but domain registration. I had free hosting, from my other company

    I was making $10k/mo from AdSense before I became willing to invest money on this "hobby run out of control."

    I don't recommend doing what I did -- moderation is a far more effective path. But, you don't need to invest money to succeed in this business.
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    If you have $500, i advice you not use it for build 1 business.
    You can try some business such :

    - Build blog to be monetized (the method is up to you) but in the first you need to make it popular first. For example is by holding a contest. Lets say the budget is $100

    - Get MRR product on many site and compile it, sell with interesting price. Lets say the budget to buy MRR is $200 (i think you can get 11-15 MRR with $100)

    Look, you still have $200 on your pocket.

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    Let's break this down, shall we? If I had $500 to invest, I may have gone out and bought several short domain names with dedicated hosting. I may have purchased another computer, as to double my process time and response time as well. I may have upgraded my internet connection from paltry 128kbps satellite connection to something a wee bit better. I might have even invested in the stock market. But all of those things wouldn't be worth it, as they are either unneeded and unnecessary expenses. Here's what I would do.

    First off, spend $100 on a comfortable desk chair, such as this or this. These aren't affiliate links, just me trying to help. If you spend under $100, you'll get a piece of crap with a foam bottom that will collapse and turn into a hard board in a month. If you spend over $100, you'll get too little chair for too much money. You may think that I am joking, but I'm not. Comfort is a necessity for the long hours spent tweaking and researching internet marketing.

    Once your chair is purchased, buy an external hard drive. This one is a terabyte for $100. More than worth it. Or you can go with something through Western Digital, whichever you prefer. Fill it up with useful things. Useful things include internet marketing ebooks (start a library), videos to edit, watermark, and re-upload, music to mellow you out, that kind of thing.

    Now look, you have $300 left. Invest it into a tax lien certificate to get a good 14% to 16% interest rate, and don't touch it. They're not available in some states (such as NC, WY, and GA), and possibly not in other nations, but it's definitely worth it. A lot of risk, but even more return. More than worth it. Google the term "tax lien certificate" if you are unsure where to look or have no idea what I'm talking about.

    Hope I helped, and I hope you take my advice!


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