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Thread: Incentives To Subscribe To Your List

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    Incentives To Subscribe To Your List

    I was thinking of incentives to offer to website visitors to get them subscribed to an e-mail list.

    For a niche product site such as an Amazon product promo site, an idea may be to offer a money-off coupon to shop at a store that stocks similar items. But I don't know how willing an offline store would be to work with an affiliate marketer.

    Traditionally we would offer an e-book on say tips to do stuff to get the subscriber.

    But, I think it may be better to provide the tips in an e-mail series where you can include affiliate links in the drip-fed content and have the coupon as the initial carrot on a stick.

    What is your experience/thoughts on doing this?

  2. It's always best to let them download something right after they subscribe, an ebook or some course etc. There is plenty of free content available in any niche or you can have your own created.

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