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Thread: Incorporated A Business In United States

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    Incorporated A Business In United States

    Hi fellow builders,

    Does anyone know how to incorporate a business in U.S? How much cost is required? Any good attorney firms to recommend? It will be great if someone experienced could share some light. Thanks alot.

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    Derek, it is not that expensive. Take a look here:

    LegalZoom: Online Legal Document Services: LLC,Divorce,Wills,Incorporation & More

    You will save quite a good bit of money using the above, and only 3 steps.

    I suggest you also do a bit of homework as well as to what state to incorporate in a well (they vary greatly). Dont make a choice purely on price, but pick a state that is advantagous to your company like for example:

    Gambling (nevada or texas would be best due to taxes being really low)
    Florida (best for properties etc)

    I am sure you get the will take a week or two to figure it all out. It is however worth it in the long run.

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    I suggest doing some online research first, then going out into the real world and asking around at various professional places. You will probably need to contact banks, lawyers, and maybe other people that have successfully maintained a business.

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    For what purpose are you looking to incorporate? Do you run a high risk company that would pron to lawsuits and you needs to protect your assets? On average a business license would be enough but you want to proceed then look for a local business incorporation lawyer. As I dont advise using a internet based company to do this. Your local laws may prohibit you from being able to do this without a lawyer or legal aid familiar with your local laws. Also having a lawyer in your area prepare this insures it is properly done so that it is legally binding as you may not properly prepare the documents correctly. Also he will be able to advise if this move is even needed for the application you are wanting it for.

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    I'll have to agree with Mr.Bill on this one, a local lawyer knowledgeable in business/corporate law is always your best bet. If you are located in the states, there is no reason to incorporate out of your current state of residence, (minus Delaware or Nevada but only for certain tax implications, again this is where a competent attorney and accountant come in to play).

    When I decided to form a company, I went to a local corporate lawyer recommended by other business professionals in the community and laid out exactly what I wanted to do. He was able to guide me in the best choices for forming my entity in all aspects. I then found a competent accountant (again recommended by others in my local community) and went from there.

  6. I've incorporated a few companies in the U.S., all Colorado corporations.

    In Colorado, it is very easy to form a corporation. You can do it online. It costs $50 and takes about 15 minutes. There's no need for an attorney.

    Colorado's business laws are "good", so there was no need for me to incorporate in Delaware or Nevada. If I was in New York, Chicago, or California, I would have incorporated in Nevada or Delaware.

    I think all states require you to have a U.S. Social Security Number to incorporate. This could be a problem, and it might require an attorney to work around that problem. This is an area where I am not knowledgeable.
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    I am based in singapore, and i am starting a internet business. Should i incoporate my business in singapore or united states? what is the benefits of incoporating in U.S, i see alot of people doing so.

  8. The benefit of incorporating in the U.S. is that some advertisers (like Microsoft) will only work with U.S.-based companies.

    The downside of incorporating in the U.S. is an enormous burden of tax compliance paperwork -- along with actually paying U.S. corporate taxes.
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