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Thread: Internet business condition on your country

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    Internet business condition on your country

    Wonder about how internet business condition on your country. Is it popular or no? What people in your country opinion about this business?

    In my country, Internet business is not too popular since this business is categorized as new business type, i just heard about intenet business start to appear is at 2005 (adsense gold year...!!!).

    At 2007-2008 appear some people which their success story from adsense or affiliate marketing. Their are cosaaranda and anne ahira (you can find thir detail on google). Their get a thousand $ per month using internet. That's motivate some people to start internet business. I'm motivated by them also but i take this business start from beginning 2008.

    Competition in my country nowadays is not too tight since i think internet business player is just 5% from total internet user. And from that 5%, maybe only a few persent who seriously take this business.

    People skeptical which said that internet business is not real job start to dissapear but still heared. Maybe it's because some people already can proven that their get a money from internet.
    And this condition will make internet business in my country will increased dramatically in near time.

    That's why, as excisting internet businessman, i should prepare for large competition which will face me.

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    I think if you asked this question a year or so ago in England (my country), people would have been a bit skeptical about it. I know quite a few people who think that making money online is all one big scam (my mum included), but I think that's because they don't fully understand what it's actually about.

    I reckon more and more people are seeking jobs online nowadays, especially as people need extra money in this recession, so hopefully it'll start getting a better name for itself.

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    Yeah, that is just a logic, if new business start to appear in a country, in the beginning skeptical opinion will excist. But when that business start to grown and some people already proven that their can earn from that business, skeptical opinnion start to decreased. It's just a logic, because people wanna proof and not just a story or something like that.
    Anyway, when internet business start to booming in england?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    Anyway, when internet business start to booming in england?
    I think it's starting to boom at the moment. Just in the last month or so I've seen a lot of new blogs about people trying to make it online after they've been made redundant due to the recession.

    I think people used to think it was a scam because all of the bad things seem to happen on the internet (pop ups, adult movies, that sort of thing), so they think if you work on there, you're probably doing bad things.

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    That is one another factor..
    1. People need a proof first
    2. Opinion about internet is bad

    But, i'm wonder also, i have some friend, which already know internet is not just for bad things, and can earn them a money, but still not doing MMO. Ye, maybe MMO is a choice, but MMO business is very easy, no need to go out from home, and no big cost needed, why at least their try it first...

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