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Thread: Internet business as main job

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    Ok maybe you have some reason to not take internet business as main job. In my country, there is also rare for people to take internet business as main job, not because they can't or what, but internet business in my country is new. And mostly people don't know yet bout this and look strange to people who earn from internet. And their sometime said :"Hey, when you will find a real job?".

    It's very annoying, i wanna make them understand that internet business is real job also, it's earn me money.
    Maybe skeptical from people to us (internet businessman) is the factor that make me down in planning to make internet business as main job

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    So you're motivated by proving people wrong? Awesome, IMO that's one of the best things to have as, without it, you don't really have competition. I think competition is really important to be able to make real money online, and proving people wrong is basically competing against them.

    What I'm saying is, don't jump in at the deep end. Learn to swim first, then ease yourself deeper and deeper in the pool. (That's an analogy for 'make sure you know what you're doing before you do it')

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    It's because i'm get hurt when i hear internet business is not real business. It's totally wrong. Yeah, maybe mostly people said like that because their just don't know yet that IMO can earn money, a lot of money...!!!. An thats why i take their skeptical opinion as a challenge for me. And i believe there is a time when i'm success, and in that time i will buy a car and say to them "Hey, this is nice car, right?", when their asking about where i earn money to buy a car, i will proudly say that it's from internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo View Post
    $30,000 USD? A month? I'd need proof of that... lol...
    This is really great sum of money...
    What does he do? It's unbelievable...

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    Actually, $30,000 for people who doing internet business as main job is no longer strange. I oftenly heard more people who earn more than $30,000. About how he/she earn that? Just think, internet business is so wide, maybe he/she earn from affiliate/product selling, or maybe adsense.
    And to tell the truth, one member here is earn $50,000 per month, so making $30,000 is not amazing for me, but's great

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    50,000 per month is incredible ... I can't even image how he/she made such a sum of money!!!
    So, this makes me think that internet business can be as a main job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acapulco View Post
    I can't even image how he/she made such a sum of money!!!
    Hard work, motivation and skill.

    If you know what you're doing and have the talent to go out there and do it well, you're bound to make a good sum of money.

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    Don't forget one more, on internet business, all you need is trust from people. Because internet business is trust business since we're not now each other, not meet each other, all is done by in front of computer on your room.

    Actually, if i want to, i can make now, about $5000-$10,000 using my scamming method. But for what? If it's bad for my long term internet business, i can't do it. Let's play fair...And when the time come, you'll success, i believe.

    not hard work please, do only smart work

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    I probably wouldn't go for doing an internet business full time, just because I don't want to sit in front of a laptop for the rest of my life. I'd love to start my own company one day. Real world based, but doing technological things would be awesome. I have kind of a lame idea that I think would be a nice sell. Pioneering new technologies...that's what I wanna do. Be that one kid who gets the flying car to work.

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    Actually you can make it running without you should be just sit in front of computer. Just build internet business type which earn you passive income. The example is adsense and affiliate marketing. What you need in this mmo method is just 2-3 hour to setup it and promoting. And then, leave it, just go drink with your friend. Because this business is run automatically. And when you come back, just see the result.

    What i mean by full time internet business is not mean we should work 5-6 hour per day in front of com, but just to make it main earning/job.
    If passive income can earn you $10,000 per month, i think no need to find another job, you can use your free time to sleep, go play, etc...
    That's the advantage of MMO

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