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Thread: Internet business as main job

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    Internet business as main job

    Do you think internet business can be a main job for main earning? If yes, what should i do to make it as main job? And what is the weakness and advantages on choosing it as main job?

    I'm wanna Internet business become my main job. After i graduate my college, i wanna concentrate in building online making money kingdom.

    I think by doing internet business as main job, i can spend more time for my family and friend since internet business is can be done by just manage it about 5-6 hours per day. And the other advanatage is, no need for you to go out from home. You can doneyour job from your bed or while eating

    Until now, i just can't find the weakness of choosing internet business as main job.

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    I am absolutely sure that internet business can be the main job for earning money. If you experienced enough, you can reach a great success and earn great money online.

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    Well said, Hendrix.

    Akira. The thing about starting an online business as your main job is that it's a HUGE committment. You need to be dedicated, but, more importantly, you need to have the knowledge and experience. No offence, but judging by your posts I'm guessing you're not really experienced enough yet to consider internet business as your main job, but as soon as you're making good money in the time you currently spend online, you should be able to do it as a full time job

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    I can't take it as my fulltime job yet because i'm still college student. I have not enough free time to make it main job. The reason no.2 is, i still have a dream to make reastaurant :P. Well, but internet as main job is not popular in my country, maybe i will become pioneer? I wish...

    And i just know that the term to say internet business full time is a mogul.

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    You can find as much as possible information about online business via Google search, as there are many cognitive and interesting articles out there. So, do you best, watch and wait!!!

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    It's extremely rare to make enough money. How much would you have to earn each month to consider it your career?

  7. I have friends who spend a lot of time on the Internet and earn $30k a month. But they also spend a lot on their blogs.

    I would however choose proper education over the Internet.
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    $30,000 USD? A month? I'd need proof of that... lol...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo View Post
    $30,000 USD? A month? I'd need proof of that... lol...
    I know that guy personally, hard to believe but true.
    My Blog- Let's Get Talking!
    Are you on Twitter? Let's become friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo View Post
    $30,000 USD? A month? I'd need proof of that... lol...
    This is really great sum of money...
    What does he do? It's unbelievable...

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