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Thread: Jan 09 Earnings + Comments

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    Jan 09 Earnings + Comments

    Well depending on the adnetworks that you use, you will have the full stats for Jan 09.

    Was it a good month for you? Any comments in general for Jan 09? Any one care to share their earnings + profit?

    In reflection, have you any comments for Feb 09?

    For myself, it seems traffic is higher compared with Dec 08 but earnings are a fair chunk less. Earnings seem to be much more patchy and no clear trends can be seen. Even the basic more traffic = more money trend seemed to fall through in Jan 09 for me with massively different passthrough rates and massive variations in rates for each day.
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    In fact my earnings were pretty good this month...
    Not only from CPA programs, and affiliate programs, but also from my Yahoo Proxy Mailing group, and much more things I 'earned' without advertisements...

    Like I earned a lot of traffic with (Traffic is main source of income.. as they use my sites which will let me gain more profit )

    Hopefully February is even better

    |Nico Lawsons

  3. My earnings are up from January 2008 because of VibrantMedia IntelliTXT and NetShelter ads.

    My earnings are down from January 2008 because I sold one of my major money making sites and because Google deindexed thousands of my translated pages in November and I have only recently gotten them reindexed.

    Overall, when you add in the positives and subtract the negatives, I'm pretty even. Now I just have to replace the revenue from the site I sold.

    In a big picture sense, I think there is a lot to worry about in terms of falling CPM's. My CPM's have fallen by 50% in the last few years. Traffic has risen enough that falling CPM's hasn't caused me a problem, but it does mean that I am working much harder to make the same amount of money.
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    My January earnings have risen in comparision to December.

    It was because of the new year rush and more people wanting to re-invest in their business and more of my employees being motivated since they blew most of the money during the holiday season :P

    Would be nice to see people sharing numbers so that we could have a comparative study.

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    January was a slow month to start off with but towards the end of the month I started to earn like usual. I'm unsure why earnings/traffic was low at the start of the month (maybe start fo the year??).

    In comparison to other months it was a bit low.
    Programmer, web developer and entrepreneur.

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    I will be posting my affiliate's earnings for January in my blog later today or tomorrow (February 1st is my mom's birthday). As it was my first month working I have nothing to compare it to, but I hope to double my January earnings this month

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    Were all the posts here related to proxies? I get the vibe that some were not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trizi View Post
    Were all the posts here related to proxies? I get the vibe that some were not?
    Yeah.. but most people use the 'Unread posts' feature, and they just read the titles, not the categories

    But well doesn't matter
    I might share some numbers btw soon, but I'm just counting everything first

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Just had a little count of mine: Earnings $784.29 for Jan 09, down from Dec 08 cant remember how much by.

    And my expenses went up by 2/3rds this month so in all it was a poor month but not as bad as it first looked 1 week ago.

    As i said traffic is up but earnings down.
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    Dec 2008
    Martinique, FWI
    For my first month with my new network:

    Earned : $23
    Invested: 20$

    So, no earnings this month. But now, my network is launched, I gonna see RoI now ^^

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