John recently posted John Chow Gives In To Google, Back In Search Engine | John Chow dot Com.

It's nice to see John back in Google's index. It was stupid of Google to make John Chow not rank for "John Chow". I mean seriously, what could be more relevant to a user searching for "John Chow" than John Chow's own blog? duh! Google can be severely retarded at times.

It's a bit sad to see all those people who bought promotion from John Chow lose their investment.

It's also a sad comment on how broken Google's systems and processes are that the only effective way for a site to be unpenalized is to negotiate with Matt Cutts directly through a social contact. This is not a scalable process, nor is it a professional way to run a business. It's amateurish and unprofessional. Google should fix their processes, instead of forcing people to work around them. Matt Cutts is hand editing one of the worlds most important databases -- as favors to his personal friends. That's pathetic. What is this, high school?