I leave in a country where pp not support, I had one business ( US Based ) and personal account (UK based), both goes limited at once becoz i always use my country ip address, both accounts are unverified and have no charge back history, only my name matches with my real name.

Someone suggest me that buy US Bank account, and withdraw your money because paypal will not send money in your country. and paypal clearly said, that only option they have is to send money in my country bank account using wire transfer and they will cut wire transfer fee.

What i should Do. if i fax document will they send me cash, i said 100s of times to paypal i am from country where paypal not support.

After 180 days i get this e-mail

Your PayPal Funds are Eligible for Withdrawal‏

Your PayPal funds are now eligible for withdrawal.

To withdraw funds from your account, please log in to PayPal.
As a reminder, access to your account will remain limited.

While access to your account is limited, you may:
* place logos into your auction listings or on your website
* update your account information
* withdraw funds from your account

You may not:
* send or request money
* receive payments
* add funds to your account
* close your account

Thank you for using PayPal.
in response of this email i wrote

I made a paypal with dummy address since my country doesn't support paypal.
I used it to receive and send money for work i did.

It got limited to sometime ago and now 180 days has passed. But the
account still doesn't let me send money to anyone and since the account is
on my name and i live in a country where paypal is not supported only way
for me to withdraw money is open a account in a supported country and
verifying the account with that.

Is it possible someway for me to send the money to a friends account
without verifying the account since that's pretty impossible for me.

Do let me know what to do.

Paypal Reply

In order to release the available balance in your PayPal account, our only
option is to transfer the funds via a wire transfer. Please complete the
attached forms and fax or mail them back to us. The wire transfer fee is $
40 USD and will be taken from your available PayPal balance. In addition to
the documentation attached, we will need copies of the following as well:

1. A copy of the bank statement that you choose to have your funds wired
to. Please make sure your name, address and account number appear on the
2. A copy of a government issued photo ID.
Paypal clearly said,

when entering the bank details in the wire transfer forms you
received, you must enter your own bank account information for your country bank account.

I regret to inform you that you do not have the option to remove the
limitation from your account at this time. This is the reason that you do
not have a link to upload documents in the resolution centre of your PayPal account. If you have been asked to submit documents in relation to withdrawing the funds from your PayPal account you can do this by faxing them.

At this time we do not have the ability to transfer the funds to another
PayPal account.