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Thread: Link Removal or Modification Business

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    Link Removal or Modification Business

    Is anyone making money by charging fees for link removal/modification?

    Lately I started getting requests to change or remove links that were spammed or posted via SEO professionals via articles to my sites.

    I had requests ranging from polite to DMCA threats to make changes.

    It seems like a good opportunity to cash in.

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    Perhaps you could say something like "due to our current backlog, removals take 2-4 weeks. To expedite your request, click here..."

    Good idea, btw
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    Most directory owners are just ignoring those requests.

    And check first, because a lot of these requests are targeting all directories, even if the link is not in them.

    I am thinking, good way to find out if the email used is good (thus great for more spam).

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    I sent the latest one a sob story and a request for money to compensate my admin effort.

    I wonder if it is really such an issue to have links removed from in-content. Seems crazy to me.

    I was hosting the link(s).

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    I had one wanted me to remove a link from a blog post.

    Even gave me the blog post url.

    Told him, that page is well visited and a pr2.

    Want your link removed that bad?
    Send me $5,000 for my trouble.

    He emailed me back and said to keep his link on the post.

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    My DMCA complaint was about a forum profile link LOL They must have paid for a "blast". Even so, I removed the link but their script was thinking that the profile was still in place and hence a threat.

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