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Thread: Make it big in a slump

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    Make it big in a slump

    The Google guide to making it big in a downturn -

    Not really a guide but still an interesting short article and in the light of the following quote:

    ..this is no time to show up on the third page of Google search results.
    From the following article: Media Giants Want to Top Google Results - Advertising Age - MediaWorks (Thanks Aaron for the link)

    The quote should be nominated as quote of the year. The article is worth a discussion by itself. Personally, I do not at all agree with those media giants who think they can 'claim the internet' . I am not concerned about it however.

    I too believe that there are a lot of possibilities at the moment waiting for us to be discovered and to be further developed. For example a lot of (local) brick and mortar businesses do not have a proper web presence at the moment while it is very important to rank well during this economic downturn.

    How do you see the future on the short and long term regarding internet entrepreneurship from a webmaster's point of view?

  2. Eric Schmidt (Google's CEO) has expressed his faith in brands and his desire for major companies to place in the top of the search results.

    I think that Google is moving further and further towards a "big company" bias. We little guys are going to have to get a lot smarter to compete with Google stacking the deck against us.
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    For what this is worth, I frequent a freelance writing forum, and the word there is that business is increasing during the current recession. This suggests to me that some businesses are aware that a recession is the time to increase their web presence, and are hiring content writers accordingly.

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