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Thread: Is 'Making Money Online' niche too saturated?

  1. saturated niche indeed. most of your visitors probably are webmasters that won't click ads for obvious reason.

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    The problem is that is is so overly saturated with scams and BS that very few people believe the sales pitches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie View Post
    It is obviously saturated. But what amazes me is that some of these people who actually own this type of blog don't really know how to make money themselves.

    It is very funny to read their blogs, they have no idea how to make money online they think neobux is the holy grail :P this niche is also saturated with scam sell pages.

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    It's saturated with low-quality attempts at developing high-quality websites.

    Look up 'make money online' and you'll find nothing but useless information, affiliate pages, or things like Ruben said. (Neobux) The information just isn't useful... That's why I'm trying to make my make money online blog different - I'm trying to actually give people good information, and I'm not selling anything at all. But I think that, if you can do the right linkbuilding, you'll find success in this niche because good websites are hard to find.

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    It's true that this niche is heavily saturated, but that doesn't mean there's no room to break into it. You just need to have a revolutionary idea which hasn't been done yet. Share this around the web and market it the best you can, and you'll slowly gain visitors. Making Money Online may be saturated, but there's a good reason for that - people are interested in how to make money online! If they think your website is going to teach them how to do that, they'll not only come back for more but they'll probably recommend it to others.

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    It is surely saturated, but you can still make an impact if you have something big to show everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    It is surely saturated, but you can still make an impact if you have something big to show everyone.
    Exactly, what I think too many people is try to follow the norm. They either write an e-book and try to sell it through Clickbank, make a blog with a boring theme and crappy articles, or try and create a forum to compete with all of the other "Make Money Online" forums.

    The only way to make money with this niche is to do something new and creative, just keep working at it and you'll get there.

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