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Thread: Is 'Making Money Online' niche too saturated?

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    Question Is 'Making Money Online' niche too saturated?

    Anyone of you who is in the 'Making Money Online' niche find that it's now more difficult to make a sale than before?


  2. It's a tempting market, but I never tried to enter it precisely because I perceive it to be saturated. Whether it really is or not is yet to be determined (statistics and feedback from insiders), but there is another reason why I'm vary of going for it.

    It seems like nowadays a lot of people getting rich online or just making decent money are doing so by talking about getting rich. So it seems like a catch 22. How many of those people have actually built successful online business prior to the one about building successful businesses?

    The idea goes on my nerves, to the point that if anything the reason I don't want to enter that market is to prove that I can make money without talking about making money. Similar thing goes for webmaster sites. Building successful websites about building successful websites.. Another catch 22.

    In short it seems too easy.. too cliche... and therefore probably too saturated by now.

  3. It is obviously saturated. But what amazes me is that some of these people who actually own this type of blog don't really know how to make money themselves.

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    A bit off-topic, sorry.

    Do sites in this niche tend to perform better if monetized with AdSense, or affiliate programs are the way to go?

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    I have never tried it but then again I don't want to. My reasoning is that if there was just say 40000 results for one keyword that means your going to be competing against 40000 people that know how to do SEO whereas if you go in a niche with keywords such as How to Paint a Car there is just say 40000 competitors in that but I'm guessing that less than 10000 are in it to make money the rest are there to just share there experiences so they wont know an awful lot about SEO. Well that's just my theory anyway.

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    It's like any niche. You need to have the right angle and put work into it.

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    "Make Money Online" gets thousands of daily searches. Those who want to know the way "How to Make Money Online" actually have little or no idea what internet marketing is all about? If you're gonna target this niche, your site should contain very basic information on how to make money online! Nowadays it could be worth going for this niche, if your content is targeted, but it's not the glorified gold-mine for everybuddy it's apprehended to be.

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    According to me, this is among the most competitive niches. No matter how good your content is, marketing is surely going to be a headache.
    The best traffic infact is organic traffic, having a new site and targeting to come within the first 20 results is surely very very difficult no matter how good at seo you are.
    There's no point it being a good paying niche in terms of adverts as getting the necessary amount of traffic is indeed difficult.

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    I don't think it is over saturated niche, rather it is a over competitive industry. If you work with right attitude than you can make money with this niche also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by memenode View Post
    It seems like nowadays a lot of people getting rich online or just making decent money are doing so by talking about getting rich. So it seems like a catch 22.

    I agree a majority of those sites are talking out their ass.
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