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Thread: Malaysia Kid Internet Business way .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatthehell View Post

    please tell him. i'd like to buy that site once he had sold it to someone.
    please make purchase thru dream land LLC

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
    4. alexa rank 200k ++
    5. Daily traffic 3000uv.

    i'm seriously shock with kid mind set now ..... the best he can compare his site with Malaysia top property site
    Also asking me (my company) to pay rm 30k/usd 8.5k permonth to advertise on his site
    I'm not try to make joke with this guy but aren't web entrepreneur THINK ?
    The price of 8.5k per month appear to be derived from magazine advertising rates for a full page ad in a magazine. An online ad is worth far less than a print ad.

    In any case, he's probably too far away from a realistic price to make negotiation possible.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Sometimes young people just need to be "adjusted".
    It has nothing to do with age,its just that these sort of people think that their work is better then anything else and dont have a sense of reality,this usually happens when people think they are more advanced then anyone else around them and they think just because 90% of the people around them dont know anything about online business they can charge ridiculous prices.

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