Today a youngster (30), come to offer me his site, look at the site, traffic stat and so on .......... i'm not really interested but i still ask him "how much you think your site worth " the answer is min 1 million (330k usd), i was shock when i heard and see the way he reply with confidence ...

Reason for expecting prices :
1. The site have PR 5. (sorry i don't give a damn care)
2. Niche site. (Property, cpm should be more then 100)
3. Making profit now (but from my valuation, this site won't make more then rm 2k = usd 650)
4. alexa rank 200k ++
5. Daily traffic 3000uv.

i'm seriously shock with kid mind set now ..... the best he can compare his site with Malaysia top property site
Also asking me (my company) to pay rm 30k/usd 8.5k permonth to advertise on his site
I'm not try to make joke with this guy but aren't web entrepreneur THINK ?