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Thread: Microsoft and Yahoo Search Alliance

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    Microsoft and Yahoo Search Alliance

    Microsoft(R) and Yahoo! have now received regulatory clearance to form the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance in the United States and European Union. This milestone is an exciting step in our effort to give your business a time-saving and cost-efficient way to connect with a larger combined audience of potential customers.
    How do you think this will impact webmasters?
    Is Google going to have to start facing some heavy competition?


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    Even if Yahoo and Microsoft were to merge, I doubt it would have a devastating impact on Google.

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    Under the terms of 10-year Microsoft-Yahoo agreement, Microsoft's Bing search engine will power the Yahoo website, while Yahoo will in turn provide the main advertising sales team for Bing.

    Yahoo now plans to rely on Microsoft's search technology in an attempt to boost its sagging profits.....

    ....The companies hope Microsoft's technology will be ready to start processing search requests that people enter on Yahoo's U.S. site by the end of this year. But getting everything ready around the rest of the world is expected to take until 2012.

    Will Yahoo search engine be replaced with Bing? Will Yahoo search engine disappear?

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    It can be possible but this way is very hard for Yahoo.

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    Bing's technology in search has surpassed Yahoo is what i feel and Bing is certainly way more SEO-Friendly than Yahoo, so for us Search Engine Optimizers this is good news. The only thing we may lose is Yahoo's siteexplorer which is the only close-to-accurate and reliable way of looking up backlinks.
    Apart from this, the deal looks quite great and am looking forward to it. Bing is advancing really well and it surely is a threat to Google in the near future.

    Edit : I just remembered i have two articles in regard to this Thread on my blog, for those who want to do some more reading can go ahead :
    The Bing-Yahoo Deal
    Will your SEO be impacted by the recent Yahoo/Bing deal?

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