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Thread: Milestone: TwtAd reaches 100 Publishers!

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    Milestone: TwtAd reaches 100 Publishers!

    I am happy to announce that TwtAd has reached 100 Publishers in less than a month and without an official launch! We are also nearing 100,000 followers (hopefully we'll hit it by the end of the month)!

    I have increasing the payouts per click and I should (hopefully) be sending out payments to my Publishers who meet the $5 minimum for this month

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    Great! I read the news already on the mail you've sent. And hopefully you'll reach these 100K followers with the

    Have you thought about making something extra like TwittAd.Com does?

    |Nico Lawsons

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    100 Publishers and 87 000 followers is pretty good. Congratulations.

  4. That is bloody awesome man!
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  5. Nice work mate

    Its growing bigger n bigger

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