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Thread: Moneybookers changing to SKRILL -> What do you think about it?

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    Exclamation Moneybookers changing to SKRILL -> What do you think about it?

    As you might allready know, Moneybookers is changing their name to the name of SKRILL. They are implementing it step by step.

    What do you think about this? Is this a positive change? Personally I prefer the name Moneybookers.
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    yah me too ...
    moneybooker sound nicer then SKRILL

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    They want to move out from betting, booking and casinos.

    moneybookers originally was intended to make such things available, now they figured they want to be more like paypal.

    I think its a good move. It will raise its popularity among common people.

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    Skrill sounds terrible.

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    SKRILL sounds like the name of a vicious little alien creature in a science fiction movie.

    I know that skrill is a street name that means money, but I think it is a horrible choice. Too many people will not know what they means.
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