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Thread: Most Competitive Niches

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    Most Competitive Niches

    What do you think are the most competitive niches to try and compete in online? Like, it is hardly worth trying since the competition is so fierce.

    Today I booked an air travel ticket and was in awe as to the sophistication of the ticket booking and cost comparison sites.

    So I think air flight tickets, and maybe car insurance would be the most difficult niches to compete in.

    Your thoughts ...

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    What about lawyer, celebrity, and porn. I also think starting a video site like youtube or trying to compete with facebook might be hard.

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    Producing unique content is one obstacle. Maybe for lawyers, a local lead generation site would be worth trying? It would be an SEO challenge.

    Probably porn would be the most difficult niche to compete in unless you are the source of fresh content.

    For celebs, I guess that you would need to be first to deliver the news, or make it easy to track the news as it breaks like channeling Google alerts to your website. Or maybe speculate on what is going to happen e.g. name of celeb baby, rumours of affairs, marriage problems etc.

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    I think online casino sites and sports betting sites had the most competitive niches for its limited spaces but compared to porn sites its obviously not allowed in most of the online communities.

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