Hey guys just wanna know, do you know MMO technique using MRR product?

MRR is Master Resale Right product. That's mean, after you buy it, you have a right to resell it with your own price.
There is many MRR product on internet, and the price is not too expensive.

Using MRR product to earn money is so easy. There is 2 alterative :
1. Buy MRR and sell it more cheap than original price


2. Buy 3-4 MRR product and then compile it to one package and then sell it for cheap price...!!

Technique no.2 is most popular way of selling MRR product. Just by buying 3-4 MRR product @ $10 (invest about $40), and then sell the package for $10, many people will interested. I'm sure more than 4 people will buy it, which mean you already earn more than BEP (break even point).

Do you run this business or maybe just know about this business? What is your opinion about this business? I think this business is very profitable, and i call it smart way to earn .