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Thread: Multi-owner Websites?

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    This would be very hard to organize aquarezz touched 2 important points:

    some webmasters would work more than others and whose adsense account would you use.

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    Big sites are usually run as companies where you have several people who own control of it. Its better in the long since, say its you and 4 other people who might be your friends (probability is likely thereof). 2 people might doing programming, 1 person might do photoshop, 1 person might be a linux admin and take care of the load balancing.
    This how Facebook was started, it was just a 3 guys from harvard sitting around a kitchen table programming Facebook,

    The guy in the middle is Marc Zukerburg.

    Quote Originally Posted by gavenecko View Post
    A lot of the most successful multi-owner websites started with two friends or two brothers, etc. In other words, people you can trust more than anyone. You don't just start a business or a website with people you can't trust. It's a GREAT idea if you have the people in your area, but dealing with each other over the internet can be tricky and complicated.
    Exactly, dealing with people over the internet is not good idea to start an partnership business,that level of trust can't exist with someone you can see in your real life, and it is hard to find people of similar interests in your local area. People who have computer skills and are entrepreneurial are few and far inbetween.
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  3. sure it will work when you and best your friends in the neighborhood plann it.
    are you really planning to create a group that will work with you over the net?

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    never liked the idea - you need your best friends for that - if you have any

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