First and foremost if this is not allowed mods please feel free to delete it.
Well this is inspired partly by Aquarezz's thread here
Basically the purpose of this thread is I will try and update this thread once every 2 weeks with what I have been doing towards my online business and post the goals for the next 2 weeks, as well as post complications, things I have found a lot easier then what I thought they would be and just general things I find interesting like what my income from each site is at the time.

At the moment I only have 1 website which is the current goal for this is to get to 35-45 pages of content which I will write myself and I hope to have it all on within 3 weeks. I am hoping once this site is done to be at an average of $20 a day or more. After I have the tool site to the point I want it I plan on trying to build a much larger site but we can save all of that for another day.

I am hoping this thread will help a lot with procrastination and will help me with having a guide sort of thing to follow as well as getting advice and guidance from other Net Builders.