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Thread: naming a business

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    There's a lot of factors but I would start with these:

    (1) Is the name already trademarked or in use?
    (2) Is the domain name available?
    (3) Is the name too generic to trademark?

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    1) name should be unique (not copyrighted and preferably not used anywhere)
    2) name should sound catchy and attractive (kind of rings a bell when we hear it)
    3) name must suit your niche
    4) if you want website then domain should be available

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    If you are going to build a brand it must be simple, easy to spell and easy to remember. Try to find a name where the dot com version of the domain is available.

    I fully agree with the recommendations from bogart and Ashish92.
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    thanks TopDogger

    and yes i agree with you too on the above point and moreover

    @ anna2020 - the name should be something that makes you comfortable to work along as your own brand because changing the name of a business in the middle stages is not a good deal so be cautious and select a name that is apt for your business and you are comfortable with it too + plus it fulfills most of the recommendations.

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    When starting, you must be guided by the principle of making things simple at the outset. Just don't complicate things. If you are planning to make a website out of the name that you want to have, try to make sure that the domain is still available otherwise you will be throwing stone at the moon and you will be left with no choice as to how are you going to proceed with the name which differs from the available one. While .com is preferable, you can however choose .biz if that sounds good to your ears.

  6. If memory serves, Shenron is the author of Company Name Ideas.
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    This is probably going to piss some people off, but...don't think about keywords so much when naming your business. Go for brandable, unique, and expressive of your opinion.

    I mean come on. "Apple." "Google." "The Gap." These aren't exactly descriptive keywords of their businesses. Go with something people will remember and eventually attribute to you.

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    yeah keep it short and catchy, though i did use unlock the net for my proxy network, but thats just because its catchy and makes sense , unlock the net , also it has SEO , type unlock the ent into google or bing and there i am
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