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Thread: NDTV Interview with Ash

  1. NDTV Interview with Ash

    NDTV recently did an interview with our very own Ash.

    [ame=""]YouTube - CEO@17 - Ashwin Ramesh - NDTV HINDU NIGHT VISION[/ame]
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    I think people focus too much on age. I mean, everyone gets worked up when they hear "CEO at 17?!" I mean - why does that sound so unbelievable? That is the new norm. Huge businesses and ideas are coming out of the minds of young people - not 40 something year old people. The world needs to start recognizing that age really is just a number.

    Anyway! Sorry for going off-topic. Congratulations to Ash for the interview! Definitely a big milestone in my opinion.
    He also was kind enough to be interviewed by myself here.

    I might just have a job for his company - I'll drop him a PM. This thread reminded me. :P

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    Hi Ashwin Ramesh,

    Man that was fantastic I have missed you on NDTV but thanx to Will I get you here at NB.

    Well all the best for your target of 5 Million turn over for you Co.

    And thanx Will for sharing.


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    That's really great to own a company in such a young age and he has kept great target in the less time. It's a nice inspiration to the people who are new to the online business. All the best Ash.

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    Wow - this is flattering.

    Thank you all!

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    Was that netbuilders you were looking at on your laptop?!

    (also come on, get a real laptop and junk that macbook garbage!)

    Nice work tho, keep it up

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    Awesome! It's probably really awesome for you, I mean.. it would be for me.. Being on television in such a positive way should give a real boost to do more stuff on the internet now
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Amazing. Congratulations Ash.
    Really great to see a NB on international television. Best of luck, $5 million by 2010 ain't too far for you at the pace you are moving at. I also read your interview at Kovich's blog

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    What are you those employees doing? I'm guessing manual directory submisssions?? Very cool nevertheless. This video motivated me last night to work harder and get my project done. I stayed up to 8am programming which is about 8 hours longer then my usually 10.
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