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Thread: Need advice about JV

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    Need advice about JV

    Hi guys, i get offer from my friend. He's good in making e-book.I ever buy him e-book and it is great, using simple word and the content is original. He ever reach $60/day for only selling that e-book. The e-book is about MRR business.

    A week ago, he request me to make idea about next e-book. And he's the one who write it. So, i give idea, he's writing it. I never have a Joint Venture experience before and i'm quite doubt about this offer. Is he honest/no? What should i prepare for this joint venture? Even i'm JV with my friend, but we live on different city and scam probability still excist. I don't want to get scammed.

    And do you think giving idea is more important so i should request to receive more big % of revenue sharing?

    Note : Sorry if my thread is wrong area, please move it

  2. Just for an idea (unless it is a KILLER one) I don't think you should take anything.

    If he is doing all the hard work, why should you ask for any share?
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    Are you doing any of the actual writing, promoting, selling, or anything? Because I think then you should have some cash. Ideas aren't really worth much :/

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    Not fully just an idea, but i'm also manage the marketing proccess. He said, he is lazy in manage marketing, and have no idea about e-book, so he is request me to do it.
    About idea, don't you think it's important? Since content source is start from just an idea. CMIIW

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