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Thread: The Next Big Thing

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    The Next Big Thing

    With the advent of the internet came domain names - a whole new world of business opportunities! If you were lucky enough to be around (and computer savvy) back then, you had the opportunity to purchase domain names that could now be worth millions of dollars! Imagine if you would have jumped on a ton of premium domains and sold them off now, or even in the future?

    Some people, however, were more skeptical. "Domain names? They'll never be worth anything!" So, while I'm sitting here thinking about this, I started to wonder... what is the big thing upon us now that in the future we could end up looking back on and kicking ourselves for not getting involved in? Share your thoughts.

  2. I've never been good at figuring out the next big thing. Predicting human behavior doesn't seem to be one of my core competencies.

    But... there is a group from Harvard that is attempting to develop a methodology for doing exactly this.

    These are their first three books on the subject:

    I have a copy of Seeing What's Next. I'm only about 50 pages in. It's boring academic reading. I may give it another try soon.
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    Boring academic reading is my specialty. I'll have to check it out. =P
    Thanks for the recommendations, Will!

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    Any thoughts on mobi sites? Though I wonder if netbooks will lessen the popularity.

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    Since we humans like to flock together, I think that the next 'big thing' will be in the line of previous inventions like the wheel, light bulb, telegraph, telephone, internet etc. In general it will be something that will bring humans even closer together -not necessarily physically- but likely that will have to do with communication and transportation.

    We like things to be transparent and we are information hungry. We want to know what the best product is before we buy something. We want to know where our friends are hanging out or what time exactly the next bus or train arrives before we are even at the station. Somehow we will continuously be fed and connected by data as if it was a natural process like having a heartbeat.

    Many of these activities we can already do. But what if we combine -for example- the internet, historic data, smart algorithms, transportation and other communications methods in an all knowing 'Network'. For sure, we will not see a Theory of Everything sometime soon but this 'Network' could be a (very) low level implementation of it.

    I guess that in case a Network like this would exist, it will be like an artificial organism. It will need a lot of input from -for example- Global Navigation Systems, Organisms, Biometrics, Internet, Data Centers and computers that contain algorithms in order to interpolate or predict certain processes. And, all this knowledge doesn't doesn't have to be presented on a tiny screen necessarily. We already have our mobile phones, IPhones etc. Somehow we will get the information we want when the 'Network' might make use of all or one of our senses.

    Will, you talked about The Future of Internet Communities. This is just one example of things that might be part of it. When we want to be a member of a community that doesn't have a physical location we connect to the 'Network' or rather be absorbed by it. Then that community will be all around us virtually and we will not have to type in messages like we do now in our forums. The way we are using the internet for our forums currently will compare to us in the future like we are looking back now at the old telegraph system.

    I imagine also that a network as described here will have a huge impact on politics, economy, entertainment our daily lives and perhaps even religion. Besides a lot of good things it will come with the usual human culprits like criminality and more governmental control on individuals.

    All this, of course, being a very simplistic description of a possible future concept so huge that we cannot even imagine the size and possibilities of it.

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